What's in the jar?

Jam Jar Cowork is a new class of professional shared office space in Collingwood.

We believe professional environments bolster small businesses. So we have created just that – a place where you can be proud to host your clients.

Jam Jar’s office design is driven by the knowledge that people spend a lot of time in offices, so offices should be the best they can be.

Fine-looking. Flexible. Responsible. Social. Healthy.

Does Jam Jar Cowork sound like the space for you? Get in touch today!

all that plus

bookable parking spaces
bookable meeting rooms
snazzy event spaces
So how can you join?

Membership, Room Use & Prices

We have monthly coworking memberships, daily coworking rates, and Meeting Room hire by the hour, half day or full day.

Full time coworker

$600 p/m
Settle in for 5 days per week
  • Includes:
  • Dedicated desk
  • 24/7 access
  • Locker
  • Meeting room credits

Part time - 3 day coworker

$400 p/m
Choose any 3 days to work per week
  • Includes:
  • Hot desk coworking
  • 8am to 6pm access
  • Meeting room credits

Part time - 2 day coworker

$300 p/m
Pop in 2 days a week
  • Includes:
  • Hot desk coworking
  • 8am to 6pm access
  • Meeting room credits

Casual coworking member

$150 p/m
Any 4 days a month and cheap daily rates when you need them
  • Four days per month for $150 and a $40 daily charge for each extra day.
  • Includes:
  • 4 days hot desk coworking per month
  • Additional coworking at $40 per day
  • 8am to 6pm access

Casual coworking non-member

$45 p/d
Dip your toes in the waters of coworking
  • Not sure how often you will need the space?
  • You can book yourself in for one day at a time and see if this coworking thing is the right fit for you.
  • $45 per day
  • Includes:
  • Hot desk coworking
  • 8am to 6pm access (when booking in advance)

Mason Boardroom hire

$85 p/hr
A flexible Boardroom for 10 to 14-person meetings, theatre-style presentations or informal stand-up events.
  • A light-filled room for formal meetings or casual events.
  • Hire the Boardroom for $85 per hour, $255 for a half day – out by 1pm (morning use) or in after 2pm (afternoon use) – or $425 for the whole day.

Fowler Room hire

$65 p/hr
A professional, ground-level meeting space for 4-6 people.
  • A professional space for smaller meetings.
  • Hire the Fowler Room for $65 per hour, $190 for a half day (out by 1pm or in after 2pm) or $325 for the whole day.

Weck or Kilner Room hire

$45 p/hr
Two productive 2-3 person rooms for dedicated off-site meetings or interviewing.
  • Hire either of these first-floor rooms for $45 per hour, $135 for a half day (out by 1pm or in after 2pm) or $225 for the whole day.

Meeting room services

Flat rates
Whether it’s multi-media, whiteboards, catering assistance or in-room tea & coffee, our services are tailored to your needs.
  • All meeting room hires include access to our breakout area facilities, roof terrace, mezzanine lounge and wi-fi, and coworking during your breaks.
  • For an extra fee, we can also provide a TV for presentations, mobile whiteboards and pens, security passes so you can come and go, in-room tea and coffee service or assistance with catering.
  • Talk to us about your meeting or event needs.

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